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Save big money on heating your Detroit office with used office cubicles.

Used Cubicles For Less

As with many winters, businesses across Michigan are experiencing a lot of draftiness in the workplace. The record shifts from more mild weather to colder are making an impact by driving up your business’s heating costs—especially if you have a business with a number of  windows. Saving energy and going green are hand in hand, and these days every business wants to go green, whether it is to help conserve natural resources, or to qualify for valuable tax credits.


When you want a cubicle with higher partitions, you’re looking for partitions that rise up to the top of your employees’ heads while they are seated. This sustains a contained space where each worker’s body heat is more insulated, and therefore less heat dispersion occurs. It’s more comfortable for your employees, and less costly for your electric bill, because there is less unrestricted space for heat to push air around.


If you keep this in mind, your Detroit business can benefit from a wide variety of different measures to lower your energy consumption, and otherwise make your office more comfortable for employees. We have a wide variety of excellent high-partition cubicles. Having cubicles with higher walls mean there is more material that can block drafts of cold coming from the windows.



Here are a few examples of high-partition cubicles we carry: Used Steelcase Avenir 8×12 80″ Tallused Kimball cubicles 90×90 66” Tall,used Steelcase Answer 7×7 64” Tallused Herman Miller AO2 6×8 67” Tall

We should note, however, if you want to have a complete list, please contact us through this form since our inventories are always moving.

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