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Used Office furniture can save your Detroit business a lot of money.

Used Office Furniture In Detroit

Even though Kermit the Frog said, “It’s not easy being green”, apparently he didn’t check his facts. On top of being easy, it can also save your business money. Quite often, the reason people don’t use green practices simply because it’s not their custom… we weren’t raised to conscientious of every piece of paper that moves through an office, and …

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Herman Miller used office furniture, buy or sell – best prices in Detroit MI

Herman Miller AO21

Are you looking for the best prices on Herman Miller used cubicles and office furniture in the greater Detroit area? …

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Beat the aftermath of winter blues this spring with a fresh touch to your Detroit office.


Light exposure is one of the main factors in Seasonal affective disorder, according to research conducted by Villanova University. Quite …

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Get top dollar for you used office furniture with our spring cleaning prices!

Used Kimball 90x90 Cubicles

Spring cleaning is finally here! Across the nation, people are trying to freshen up the space they inhabit in preparation …

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Save big money on heating your Detroit office with used office cubicles.

Used Cubicles For Less

As with many winters, businesses across Michigan are experiencing a lot of draftiness in the workplace. The record shifts from …

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Get used Herman Miller AO2 6×6 cubicles for your Detroit office for less!

Used Herman Miller AO2 6x6

We have over 500 like-new Herman Miller AO2 cubicles that we just acquired from a business that took VERY GOOD …

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Use color to make your office stand out!

We often take it for granted how much color can change our everyday lives. Think of the amber glow of …

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Learn some helpful tricks with picking out the ideal executive desk for you.

Still trying to find the perfect executive desk set for your office? We have the knowledge you are looking for …

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Help your Detroit office go green with our used Herman Miller AO2 6×6 cubicles.

Herman Miller Ao2 Shared Configuration

Integrity Wholesale provides an impeccable selection of environmentally friendly office furniture solutions. We have pre-owned furniture of all kinds, from used cubicles, used …

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Find out what to do with your unused office furniture in Detroit, Michigan.

Buy Used Office Furniture Columbus Ohio 1

Regardless of how big your company is, it can always be taxing to successfully balance your overhead with your profits. …

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Educate yourself on the value of used office furniture and Integrity Wholesale.

Do you remember the last time you bought office furniture for your company? In all likelihood, you spent hours finding …

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Here’s a helpful guide on used Cubicles.

Haworth Places Cubicle

Cubicle. Take a moment to ponder what this word brings to mind. In most cases, it’s “gray, dull, monotonous”, and …

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