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Detroit’s most competitive Office Furniture Liquidation Service is here.

Looking for an office furniture liquidation service in the Detroit area doesn’t have to be such a drag: we know there can be a  lot of apprehension about whether or not a liquidator is reliable or has credibility. That’s why here at Integrity Wholesale Furniture, we give you peace of mind with all of the problems that normally come with finding a liquidation service. Being the lead in buyback services in Wayne County for the past decade, our professionals have completed hundreds of liquidations projects for a wide variety of office environments, and most importantly… we’re always on time!

If your business is looking for great used cubicles, we always carry a large and varied stock, such as our Knoll Morrison 8×7.5’s. With 64” partitions, these cubicles are sure to give your employees a private workspace to focus on whatever task is at hand without a lot of interference from all of that outside office chatter. As for storage space in these units, there are lots of options, like the spacious 60 inch overhead binder bin, the BBF and FF pedestal, and a 2 drawer lateral file! Peace of mind in your office has never come so close, and with our competitive pricing it comes even closer!


For work places that need a more open configuration that still offer high partitions and a lot of noise cancellation, look no further than the Teknion 6×6 which has lofty 64” partitions. The ample 24×72 inch workstations offer superior space, and along with the 24×48 inch returns, this cubicle is a no brainer as a superb choice. Included also is a 36 inch overhead binder bin, functional task light, BBF and FF pedestals, and power down the spines with base feeds. The wood grain laminate surfaces give  it a more natural sort of look, which should make getting accustomed to it quite easy!


Everyone we’ve done business with agree: Integrity Wholesale always strives to make sure that you, our customer, are satisfied and that you receive competitive compensation for your old furniture. We also offer businesses a multitude other office remodeling solutions such as office planning, teardown and reconfiguration, and even interior design work! We can meet all of your office remodeling needs at a fraction of the cost! All of our remodeling professionals have worked with blueprints and AutoCAD files of floor-plans so you even if your office is not quite typical, we can make the most of it!


Integrity Wholesale Furniture takes personal pride in creating strong business relationships with our customers, so feel free to browse or website today. Office furniture liquidation service and quality used office furniture are just a some of the reasons why our customers keep returning to us year after year, and we are thrilled to show you even more!

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