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Herman Miller used office furniture, buy or sell – best prices in Detroit MI

Herman Miller AO21

Are you looking for the best prices on Herman Miller used cubicles and office furniture in the greater Detroit area? If so, Integrity Wholesale Furniture is the company to meet all of your needs. We have a full selection of Herman Miller used cubicles, bookcases, desks and other furnishings that today’s office owner can appreciate. And the best part is that you can get these quality items at a major discount compared to the retail prices.

One of the Herman Miller products you will find when you shop at Integrity Wholesale Furniture is the Ethospace 120 Degree work stations. These compact cubicles are designed for companies where the employees spend much of their time on the phone making phone calls, such as at a telemarketing firm. The back panels on these used office cubicles stand 42 inches high while the panels that separate the individual work areas stand 39 inches high. The work surface consists of a 66 inch wide boomerang design and there is a BBF pedestal included with each individual work area for storage. These used telemarketing cubicles are in good condition and you can have them moved into your office space right away if you purchase them today.


In addition to those more compact cubicles, we also carry another line of Herman Miller telemarketing cubicles. These are 2×4 cubicles with panels that are 54 inches high in the back and on each side. The work surface measures 24 inches by 48 inches. Unlike the Ethospace telemarketing cubicles, these do not have a storage filing cabinet included with them. However, you can find matching pedestals in our inventory with the Herman Miller name that will go great with these used cubicles. These particular cubicles are sold in packs of 8 and there are several available for you to have installed in your office right away.

At Integrity Wholesale Furniture, we pride ourselves on taking care of all of the used furniture needs for our clients. From helping you design your office work area to helping you choose the best pieces for your budget, we are your best source. We can even install the used office furniture that you purchase and buy back the used cubicles, desks and other furnishings that are getting in your way. If you are looking for some great prices on quality furnishings, contact our representatives today to see how much money we can save you and everything else we can do for you.



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